A rough top ten highlights of our RTW trip

By Christy Collins

March 4, 2011

Category: travel


Now we’re “back”, people often ask us our favourite moments or places from the trip. Often it’s hard to recall from the hundreds of experiences just a few highlights. So, I’ve created a rough “top ten” experiences from the trip, listed here in chronological order. OK, I cheated, there are eleven, I just couldn’t bring myself to bump any of the following:

  1. The sunset camel ride towards our bedouin tents in the Sahara, Morocco.
  2. Enjoying the music, beer and craic in a pub in Doolin, Ireland
  3. Cruising the Fjords of Norway.
  4. Taking the trans-mongolian express – if I could have a block of 5 days of the whole 7 months to repeat right now, these are the days I’d choose.
  5. Enjoying street food with the locals at half-time during the world cup – Beijing, China.
  6. The memorial service for 75th anniversary of those killed in the Hiroshima bombing – in which locals and visitors can create paper lanterns and float them down the river, Hiroshima, Japan
  7. Enjoying the stunning views while trying the local fare at the wine farms just outside Cape Town, South Africa.
  8. Encountering a leopard on our self-drive safari through Pilanesberg Safari park, South Africa.
  9. Holing ourselves up for a week to watch the autumn colours and read books in Vermont, USA.
  10. The unmatchable food and festivities all over Mexico!
  11. Watching the clouds lift over Macchu Piccu, Peru.

But there are so many others: winning a (small) jackpot in Vegas; Karoking til the sun came up in Kyoto; sunset in the Sacred Valley, Peru; lying on the beach sipping Margaritas in Cancun; watching the Nile drift by; honing my bargaining skills in the Beijing clothing market; Sundowner drinks on the plain at Addo Elephant park; the Russian ballets and operas; “A little night music” on Broadway; “Blood Brothers” on West End; risking life and limb on the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland; hammock hanging in the jungle, Palenque, Mexico; snorkeling with the sea turtles, Tallum, Mexico; inching just a little closer to enlightenment in the temples of Nara, Japan; lobster munching in Maine, USA; learning to love the onsens in Osaka, Japan; soaking our cares away in the hot springs of Aguas Calientes, the moments we were able to spend in a mosque in Morocco…

I really must sort out the photos.