Viva Las Vegas!

By Christy Collins

December 16, 2010

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3 days and 4 nights in Las Vegas and I haven’t had time to do anything but eat sleep and visit the venerable establishments that line Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Bellagio hosts my favourite buffet (and believe me we tried a few!), Paris Las Vegas, Spice Market at Planet Hollywood and Rio World Carnival were also all good. Lago at Caesars has a huge dessert buffet.

For gambling we had fun at Treasure Island (free slot credit if you join their club and friendly drinks waitresses are draws), Circus, circus (a cheap virtual blackjack table kept us occupied for a few hours), The Venietian (the most generous free slot credit for joining their players club at $25 makes it worth spending a few hours), and the Wynn gives free slot credit too and besides that is simply gorgeous – friendly staff, good Christmas decorations and an addorable high end toy shop are added bonuses. Bally’s had live music at night at one of their bars but it was enough to entertain the gaming floor too. Excalibur has no atmosphere, Luxor mixes awful drinks and though the music was OK the atmosphere’s not great there either, Mandalay Bay’s not worth the walk and if you’re there late you feel like everyone’s already gone to bed. Planet Hollywood’s gaming floor is more attractive than all but the most top end casinos and there’s a free slot machine out the front where you can win a million dollars apparently. We won a souvenir deck of cards.

Tropicana was excellent value for money to stay in and the staff there are lovely, we didn’t play there though.

In the end we lost less money than we’d allocated – which feels like a win in itself –  probably roughly the amount that would have covered our drink bill if we’d been paying for our drinks. And we really had a lot of fun. And after three days, we were happy to get on the Greyhound and head off towards California


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