Last day in Lima, Peru

By Christy Collins

November 30, 2010

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Our last day in Peru and we’ve spent it wandering around Lima: Kennedy park, shopping, doing some adminstrative stuff and repacking our bags.

Peru is beautiful – so varied and much of it is wonderfully content to  continue doing things the way they always have, despite the throngs of tourists trekking to Machu Picchu, sandboarding down the dunes and flying over the Nascar lines.

While travelling we found we kept running in to the same people and travellers stories intersected each other in a way we hadn’t experienced before. The standard travel route – with Machu Picchu at it’s centre – seems to be fairly fixed and you have to make an effort to avoid spending most of your time surrounded by tourists. Having said this, taking buses allows you to see a lot of the countryside. We’ve spent many hours on buses here and wouldn’t trade these trips for flights, despite the costs in terms of motion sickness.

And now it’s time for a final Pisco Sour (or two) – Peru has given us a little taste of South America and I think we’ll be back for more.


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