Giving thanks, Arequipa, Peru

By Christy Collins

November 26, 2010

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Category: travel


It’s Thanksgiving and though I’m not in the states, I’ve decided to adopt my own loose interpretation of this holiday into my life. For today I’m giving thanks for my wonderful travel companion and husband, Mr K.

Adventurous, polyglot, endlessly curious, social, funny and good-humoured; good-looking, sweet, relaxed, energetic, brave, realistic, patient, caring, engaged and generous. And by now: master bargainer, epicurean world foodie, Spanish interpreter, photo critic and travel raconteur.

To Mr K, and to the guy in the sky who brought him into my life: I am ever grateful.


5 Responses to “Giving thanks, Arequipa, Peru”

  1. Kuya! Haha! Wat een te gekke foto! Heb je zelf met de lego gezeten of stond ie er al? :p Hoop dat alles goed gaat met jullie, maar zo te zien gaat het prima! Geniet er van met iedere dag waarin jullie dromen in avonturen veranderen. Het is geweldig om dit te kunnen zien! Take care!

  2. Mr K is the one on the right yeah? The taller one? He sounds lovely.

  3. The resemblance is scary.

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