The floating islands, Peru

Lovely to see, spongy to walk on, touristy as the Eiffel Tower: Puno’s floating islands. It’s hard not to like the little cluster of islands populated by colourfully dressed locals keen to sell their wares made of reed – as are their houses, boats, and the islands themselves. Solar panels power small televisions and radios and on the island we visited they keep guinea pigs as “friends not food” apparently.

We got a little lesson on how they build the islands and best of all, how they can cut them in half if they have a disagreement with their neighbours! A viable option for an uncomplicated life if you like fishing and/or tourists and you look good in bright yellow, orange, pink and green. Also a good option for anyone who’s ever longed to be president: every island has its own so your chances of election are pretty good.


One Response to “The floating islands, Peru”

  1. How come the president is standing out on his own? Maybe its re-election day and he isn’t allowed to join in.

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