Machu Picchu, Peru

By Christy Collins

November 22, 2010

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The last “world wonder” of our trip, Machu Picchu is almost as impressive as its incredible location in the Andes. Today at least, it gets my vote for favourite single site of the trip.

After a 5am start we enjoyed the early peace as the clouds lifted from the valley to reveal the city. After exploring the ruins we climbed to Inti punku, the sun gate, to marvel at the view and dine on potato chips in an unbeatable location 2700m above sea level, while Machu Picchu filled up with day trippers.

Later the resident llamas entertained us with a mating ritual which was recorded on any number of home videos for the entertainment of family and friends back home.

Tonight we stay again in Cuzco and tomorrow we head to higher ground. Promisingly, the bus we have booked lists “oxygen” as one of its features…


4 Responses to “Machu Picchu, Peru”

  1. Do you mean the last ‘world wonder’ apart from the cafes in Piper Street?

  2. Now that’s better. This one has to be somewhere in my top ten favourites from the whole trip. Pity about the bloke in the bottom corner. It feels like he is watching me.

    • Oh man, you should have seen me running after the llamas to try to get this shot without knocking over any other tourists – the people down the bottom are a bit of a pain but actually given I was elbowing the throngs out of the way where I was I’m pretty pleased with how few people are actually in the frame.

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