Whinge of the week, Lima, Peru

By Christy Collins

November 15, 2010

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So far Peru is not off to a good start.  We’ve been in Lima, it must be coming up to a week and it feels like we’ve done almost nothing but sort out things, recover from colds/coldsores, and sleep in a windowless youth hostel room so horrible I had to get Mr K to come and sleep with me on the bottom bunk just to be able to fall asleep.

Mr K’s Australian visa (finally approved!) is creating logistic issues that just seem to continue to complicate stuff; Mr K has lost a pile of stuff (bank card, favourite cap and who knows what else), my bank card is blocked after that episode on the Canada/US border, Mr K doesn’t know his credit card pin, my credit card has expired, we have to mail his passport to Germany for the visa stamp to go in it so we may not be able to board the bus to Cuzco tomorrow and the delete key on my computer is stuck making it ten times more complicated to do even the simplest things. Like this post.

We spent the afternoon trekking around to restaurants and movie theatres asking if anyone had found Mr K’s hat, with lots of miming and smiling and “thanks anyway”s. At Pardo’s Chicken there was a moment of confusion before the very helpful gentleman finally gave a nod, ran up stairs and brought down the pictured hat.



One Response to “Whinge of the week, Lima, Peru”

  1. Hmm! I’m thinking Mr K might be looking forward to losing the new hat. Mind you, outside Lima it might attratct some e-bay bids. Then again…

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