&Eating grasshopers in Oaxaca, Mexico

By Christy Collins

November 4, 2010

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Oaxaca is one of the most important culinary cities in the Americas and, it feels like we constantly eating here. Here are our favourite spots:
Marco Polo – for the most fabulous shrimp tostadas, my mouth was on fire for ages afterwards though. Now I know why all the recipes advise you take the seeds out of the peppers!Guarana – for liquardos (a milk and fruit drink). Our youth hostel included breakfast here too but the service is very slow so I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re staying elsewhere.

Terra Nova – for its tasting menu of moles. Here’s the place to check four different moles off your list in one meal. They also do a good mole negro.

Los Pacos – also has a mole combination dish which includes six moles. I prefered Terra Nova’s but Los Pacos was the only restaurant we could find that serves the elusive mole verde.

La Casa de la Abuela – for the view of the square and the local specialty: grasshoppers (see photo above).

La Olla – has a Oaxacan specialty plate which allows you to get a taste of the province in one very hefty meal which also includes grasshoppers when in season

Camala – does good burgers (and great guacamole). They have plenty of local food on the menu too but I needed a break after my second meal involving grasshoppers!

La Catedral – delivers on atmosphere and service and the food was good value for the price. Don’t order wine though. And order your meat one degree better done than you usually do.

Cafe Brujula – groovy atmosphere, free wifi and organic coffee. Try the berry smoothie.

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