Palenque, Mexico

Palenque is the spot for if you want to feel like Indiana Jones. Set in the jungle of Chiapas, the ruins of Palenque have only been about 5% excavated and archeologists are busy working on uncovering more of her mysteries. It’s the most picturesque of the ruins we’ve visited but the most beautiful spot were the queens baths on the edge of town.

For other travelers:

Palenque is easy to like. We’ve seen a few sites by now so skipped the guide and just wandered around. You can climb most of the buildings and there are some nice reliefs still visible. The museum is also worth a look.

Our wonderful youth hostel: Yaxkin – we booked the cheapest rooms and though they are basic you can’t beat lying in the hammock on the edge of the jungle with a Sol. It’s not for those who love their creature comforts though with shared toilets with only shower curtains.

Food: we had fabulous pizza out at El Panchan. Happy hour from 11pm to midnight also appeals – I had tequila but several beers are also included. And there’s the bonus of the fire dancing and live music. A taxi out there costs 50 pesos, and the same back if you book via the restaurant/bar staff (otherwise 70 pesos).


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