Turtle-spotting, Tulum, Mexico

We have managed to wrench ourselves from the tyranny of our all inclusive resort in Cancun (a four-day meaningless succession of Margaritas on the beach at the Gran Caribe Real). We now find ourselves in Tulum where the Mayan’s, having been somewhat intimidated by the Spanish, have left the picturesquely located ruins pictured above.

We spent this morning spotting iguanas in the convenient sunning spots the Mayans so obligingly provided and then moved on up the coast to Akumal for an afternoon of snorkeling.

That is: Mr K went snorkeling and I was too scared so I was forced to lie in the shade of the palm trees reading my book. When he got back reporting he’d seen turtles and a ray I decided I’d give it a shot. I borrowed his gear for a bit and I even got to see a sea turtle, which was brilliant!

Before closing, I should mention our Cancun-friends: Amy and Matt; Josh, Joel and Jordan – who are still there fighting the good fight. Guys, may you continue to avoid the hangovers and the “Philadelphia” sushi (which does indeed, for those unfamiliar with this specialty, include the cheese of the same name).

For other travellers:


We’re staying in Hotel Latino which is good. The team have good recommendations of where to eat and what to do and are very helpful and friendly. El Mariachi (on Talum Av) is tasty and tourist friendly; Chiapareco (on Jupiter Sur) is tasty and cheap.


The dive shop is helpful and you can hire snorkeling gear for US$12, or you can join a snorkeling tour for US$25. The first beach cafe to the right of the diving store has friendly, undemanding staff and delicious complimentary chips and salsa if you order a meal, the food was good and we didn’t find the prices ridiculously inflated. The view could be mistaken for paradise, especially once you have your first Sol in your hands.


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  1. Tulum is the best ;-)!

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