Eating Bison Burgers in Chicago

By Christy Collins

October 19, 2010

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On our culinary adventures in Chi-town

*Chicago is the” home of pizza”, Mr K has been reminding me for the last month or so. We ate pizza three times (!) and every time it was wonderful; stand out though was the “stuffed” pizza at Edwardo’s. Thanks to Charlie and Kim for this tip.

*For a fabulous organic brunch: Tweet in the Vietnamese area.

*Brilliant sandwiches are the bill of fare at Cipolina (El train to Damen), service is a little scatty but it’s worth the wait.

*For the best Bison burger you’ll have this year: Earwax – (also at Damen). The circus themed interior is also intriguing.

*Other Chicago favourites are the local-style hot dog (on which ketchup is strictly forbidden) and the Italian beef sandwich which is traditionally a big soggy mess because it is dipped at the last minute into the beef broth – very tasty, but if you want to avoid the mess ask for yours “dry”.  A good place to try both is at Navy Pier, where you can also take in the (free) stained glass museum.

*For late night drinks we enjoyed the Old Town Ale House, just around the corner from Second City. Thanks to Mike who recommended this place for the atmosphere, the flamboyant patrons and the unique art works (think: naked portraits of politicians). We were there ’til they kicked us out at 5am.


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