Bagels and squirrels in Montreal

By Christy Collins

October 9, 2010

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Day three in Montreal in which bagels are purchased at the Fairmount bagelery (that should be a word) and eaten in a park, and a local specialty is tried.

Some notes

1. We ate lunch in a park full of squirrels. Squirrels are the funniest, I swear I saw one break dance. If only I’d been quicker with my camera, YouTube fame would be mine (or at least that squirrel’s).

2. Mr K also spotted some sort of mini-squirrel creatures without the impressive tail – very cute – there was speculation these may be gophers, the jury’s still out.

3. We have fallen for Fairmount’s bagels (sorry New York) and by the way if you ever feel the need to see thousands of bagels (bagged, boxed, basketed; piled high against walls, as yet uncooked, and straight from the oven) this is your place. I am not exaggerating: you can barely get in the door for the racks of bagels. Big thanks to Annelies for this tip.

4. Poutine: gravy, chips and cheese – the Dutch would be proud. As Mr K doesn’t eat cheese I was again designated taster (tough break). I choose a version that had sautéed mushrooms, bacon and sliced up hotdog in it. This looks like something someone’s Mum threw together with 5 minutes until the babysitter was due to arrive. My verdict: not worse for you than patat speciaal (fries with tomato sauce, mayonnaise and chopped onions) but not tastier either.


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