Exploring the city below, Montreal

Day two in Montreal and we’re feeling the inertia from having taken a week off travelling last week. We got up late, headed in to town to explore the underground shops and cafes below Montreal. I can see that this is likely to be a plus when there’s snow everywhere – and the extent of the subterranean shopping mall is impressive – but at the moment it’s kind of bleak.

Back above the ground we poked around old Montreal and the harbour area before stopping for some gourmet fish and chips at “Brit and Chips” (anyone for maple-battered cod?) where a single serving was enough for the two of us and fish-themed movie posters adorn the walls (what more could you ask for?) It gets our thumbs up.

Dinner was home-cooked with produce from the Atwater market and the evening’s entertainment is provided by the huge TV here at Gail’s apartment – (with thanks to Alice for putting us on to airbnb.com which is not only saving us a fortune but allows us to stay in places with small conveniences like kitchens and washing machines. Brilliant.)

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