Montreal, Canada

By Christy Collins

October 6, 2010

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We came up to Montreal on the Greyhound yesterday, through the beautiful autumnal countryside. This morning we had breakfast at the wonderful Atwater market and then climbed Mount Royal, nearly spraining our ankles when we took a road less travelled to come down, following the sound of drums. On the edge of the park drummers and percussionists gather to play together on Sundays and people watch and dance and join the music making.

It’s cold here, it’s the first time it’s been cold on this trip which makes it feel a bit like it’s coming to an end, which it’s not yet – but certainly, our long, hot summer is over.

For dinner we found a place that serves a fabulous 2 course mussels and chips (which I’ve been longing for since New York) for $10.95. You can bring your own wine and there’s no corkage charge. Highly recommended.


2 Responses to “Montreal, Canada”

  1. Is this your photo? Totally awesome.

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