Cape Town and surrounds – let the holidays begin!

I’ve been writing this post in my head for a few days, and now I sit down to write it only scraps of my thoughts are coming back to me.

The first scrap is to note that Mr K’s sister and her friend Lily have arrived in South Africa to join us for 16 days. The difference this makes has taken me by surprise: suddenly we’re on holiday rather than travelling. We now have a lovely self-contained appartment, a hire car, two additional companions, two guidebooks as well as numerous pages of computer print-outs of dining, shopping and travel tips.  Our little holiday-bubble seems to some extent resist the beggars while being entirely permeable to people who might like to serve us large glasses of sauvignon blanc in the sunshine. This is pleasant but also a little shocking – it helps explain how (groups of) holiday makers are often so good at denying the realities around them.

Secondly: so far SA is at least as beautiful as its tourist brochures suggest: breathtaking! And never more so than in the hour just before the sunsets when the golden light burnishes the clouds and the hundred shades of green, orange and pink of the land and the stunning aquamarines of the sea combine to scenes almost too perfect for postcards.

Thirdly, and a little bizarrely for me: (so far) South Africa is very like Australia and so it is a little like coming home to a city I’ve never been in before. I’m unfurling my inner Aussie little by little in the sea air and sunshine: yesterday I tentatively requested a ‘lemon, lime and bitters’ at a Waterfront restaurant – they had it! Bliss. Like Asia:  good preparation for arriving ‘home’ in Melbourne later in the year.


One Response to “Cape Town and surrounds – let the holidays begin!”

  1. What a nice post. I like the part where you say “I’ve been writing this post in my head for a few days” Ahh 😉
    I live just outside CT, infact I go to CPUT which is in the CBD. (too many acronyms there, hehe)
    I always see the “Cape Town SightSeeing” bus drive past our campus and past the parade where the CT FIFA Fanfest used to be… ah, memories.
    So if you ever take one of those tours, look out for my uni and think of me, haha.

    Keep well!

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