Whinge of the week – Cape Town

By Christy Collins

August 24, 2010

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Dr Sushi, Osaka

“Whinge of the Week” is a rubric that Mr K suggested ages ago for this blog and I have only used it once before – a few days after we arrived in China – but the post was lost when my computer crashed.

Whinge 1: On our last day in Tokyo I showed up at 10am to an Ikebana (flower arranging) course I had signed up for via an on-line form, only to find out that there are no classes in August. You would think, even if they don’t have the admin staff reply to the online forms that come in, they could at least put this little gem of information on the website!

Whinge 2: On our first night in Cape Town I was bitten by a spider (apparently something that injects bacteria under your skin) and my thumb is now the colour of watermelon flesh. Its topography is also interesting.
Welcome to South Africa.
Note that I am sparing you the photo.

Whinge 3: Mr. K had stuff stolen out of his luggage en route to Cape Town and Malaysia Airline claims that as it is “electronics” they have no responsibility.

Whinge 4: I appreciate that there are less fortunate people than me, but as a tourist the persistent approach of beggars is really wearing me down and especially those who use threats are very hard to cope with.

Whinge 5: I hate feeling unsafe after dark. I hate always having to take a taxi. I hate how every taxi has a different story about how his metre is broken or that they don’t use them on short trips, etc, etc.

Whinge 6: Finding Wi-Fi Internet is a complete pain here – mostly, amittedly, ‘cause we’re too cheap to pay for it…

 OK, that said:

• This a beautiful city, stunningly situated between the sea, the mountains – a cityscape certainly to rival the beautiful Vancouver.

 • The city reminds me very much of Australia – you can even get top deck chocolate and caramello koalas in a very thin disguise. The weather today is lovely – 25 C and sunny, blue skies – we had some rain the day we arrived but jet lag and rain is not too bad a combination – no complaints there, for me it just feels like “birthday weather” anyway (all my immediate family’s birthday are in the Southern hemisphere winter so temperate winter weather has fairly positive associations for me anyway).

• Food is cheap and so far delicious. Wine by the glass, less so, but once we hit the wine farms I’m sure we can stock up on hand-picked bottles. Bring it on!


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