I ♥ Tokyo: Maid Cafes

Craving bunny shaped cakes and icecream sundaes, served by a sprung-from-the-pages-of-manga maid? These  cafes are your answer. The maids will greet you: “welcome home master”, draw cute pictures on your pancake or muss up your spaghetti bolognese for you.

With a cover charge that will knock your socks off, queues down the hall, and a strict no-photography policy (they sell photos of the maids in their merchandise store or for an additional fee you can pose with your favourite in a cute headband and your choice of cute poses – irony not required) a maid cafe is a Tokyo must-do for sure. Fabian summed it up best in a recent email: “Cute til it hurts”.

This “I ♥ Tokyo” series is inspired by the maids of @ home cafe.

And yes, for the ladies there are the less famous, but undoubtedly equally fabulous, Butler Cafes.


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