More from Siberia, Russia

We slept badly overnight, a fact not helped by the fight our neighbours had at 3am – and believe me, even here in 1st class you don’t want to have a fight in these cabins – there’s nowhere to escape to for another 3 days. 

The sun comes up early which makes it difficult to judge the time and we have remained on Moscow time, although we left Moscow several time zones back, as the train timetable is all in Moscow time. Meal times are set partially by when the train stops for people to buy food on the platforms. It’s like the whole train has collective jet lag. Perhaps this is part of the disorientation our guidebook told us to expect by about now. 

This morning the landscape is pretty: undulating and covered in pine trees with little clusters of log cabins enclosed in wooden fences. The train smells metallic and trainy – as far I can tell no one in the corridor is awake and although the sun is high in the sky, Moscow time is 5:40. I think I’d better try to sleep some more. 


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