Tips for other travellers, Moscow

Things to see:

Red Square and the Kremlin are unmissable, we found the Armoury worth the additional cost and particularly enjoyed the collection of royal carriages and the faberge eggs. The cost of the Armoury ticket (700 Rubles) includes an audio tour without which I imagine the collection is rather overwhelming – the tour focuses on just select pieces in the collection advising you to go back later to pieces of special interest.

We enjoyed Gorky Park and the sculpture garden opposite, part of which is free to enter, part costs 100 Rubles.


Pain Quotidien served up good quality organic food at fairly reasonable prices – their lunch menu of soup, salad/baguette/lasagne/italian sausage, and a mineral water for around 350 rubles was good value by local standards. They also have a small tapas menu. Service can be a little slow.

Correa’s apparently does an excellent breakfast – we got up too late but enjoyed their steak sandwhich and their chicken teryaki wrap (each around 400 rubles). The breakfast menu was a little cheaper and looked good.

Goodman’s did a good burger which was unfortunately served with cold chips for about 16 euro. OK for a pre-ballet birthday treat for Mr K although the steaks they specialise in were out of our price range (around 40 euro).

We returned to our St Petersburg favourite, Stolle (only one location in Moscow) and weren’t disappointed: delicious pellini (meat dumplings with sour cream) for 150 rubles and a take-away apricot pie for the train (400 rubles)

We watched the football at Radio City which served good if somewhat pricey bar snacks (we made an evening meal of calamari rings, sate sticks and spring rolls – all good)

For drinks, the expats like Scandinavia which serves pitchers of Carlsberg for 900 rubles and has a lovely beer garden. We were there the day princess Victoria got married so recieved a small butter cake treat with a Swedish flag.

The State Tretyakov Gallery (350 rubles) was a nice way to spend a few hours. Make sure you save plenty of time/energy for the beautiful icons at the end of the collection. Ladies: you may feel more comfortable if you bring a scarf to cover your head in the church part of the museum.

I was less taken by the New Tretyakov although it did give some interesting insights into the politics/art interaction in Russia over the last century or so. Next door, the Art Muzeon Sculpture Park (100 Rubles), overseen by a massive Peter the Great statue in which he appears to be pretending to be Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Carribean, is easy to like.

Pastry snacks at most metro stations contain variously jam, chocolate, cabbage, etc. Approx 30 rubles.

Our youth hostel had pictures of the snaking queues for MacDonalds when they first opened – fast food is reasonably priced but the queues remain long (but don’t snake out the door and wrap around the building anymore). Moscow prices induced us into these establishments a couple of times. An alternative is Prime Star which sounds like a steak place but is actually a sandwhich shop similar to the UK’s Pret a Manger if a little more expensive.


I can’t recommend the hostel we stayed in. Staying out of town saved us money but kept us from staying out much past midnight as the metros stop at 12:30am. We bought a metro ticket with 20 trips and used all but 2 of them in the 6 days we were there.




2 Responses to “Tips for other travellers, Moscow”

  1. Hi Christy and Maurits
    Sounds like you are have great fun and making the most of EVERYTHING – I’m jealous!!
    Continue to enjoy….
    Love Carol (McNeil)

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