Copenhagen, tips for other travellers

(To be taken with a grain of salt, we were only in Copenhagen for a day)

Tivoli is nice to see, but pricey: it costs about ten euro to get in and that only allows you to walk around, all the rides and attractions cost extra.
Kinder on the budget is the Glyptoteek museum next door which is free on Sundays and is worth visiting if only for its lovely Winter garden.

Another cheap treat is the metro which has no driver – for the locals this is of course nothing new, so get in the first carriage and you have a good chance of getting a seat at the front so you can see the tunnel through the glass window at the front. For what it’s worth: we are told that the fines for fare evading are steep, so be sure to purchase the correct ticket.

For lunch We had the local specialty, open sandwiches, at Ida Davidsen (inside Tivoli, but there are several in Copenhagen) – these didn’t come cheap (10-15 eur) but as nothing in Denmark seems to, we thought they were good value and they tasted brilliant. Mr K ordered the one with the raw meat and egg yolk and our handsome waiter was very impressed. I had the “Firefighters Midnight Snack”: potato, chicken in mayonnaise, bacon and deep fried carrot on rye –both were very tasty.

Christiania is a enclave of alternative lifestylers and a good place to buy weed, protest t-shirts and hippy inspired dresses. The vibe is relaxed despite the fact that their community is under threat of being cleared for schools, parklands and probably expensive apartment blocks. On a sunny day I imagine it’s a great place  for a beer and a chat.

We stopped for danishes at HRL bakery just outside Christiania and I’m pretty sure the chocolate Danish we bought there is also served in heaven – it may be especially good if you’ve partaken of some of Christiania’s finest.

Photo: The Tivoli park entrance, Copenhagen, Denmark, taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, Part Of:Views of architecture and other sites in Copenhagen, Denmark (DLC) 2001697980


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