Copenhagen, Denmark

By Christy Collins

May 30, 2010

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Photo: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, Part Of: Views of architecture and other sites in Copenhagen, Denmark (DLC) 2001697980

We’re on board the “Vision of the Seas” cruise ship which left yesterday from Oslo, docked today in Copenhagen and is now on its way to Talinn, Estonia. Yesterday we got a bit of a fright when, walking towards the cruise terminal the woman at the tourist office had told us our cruise would leave from, the ship at that terminal pulled out into Oslo Fjord. Mr K was horrified. I had checked the departure time twice the night before so was somewhat calmer (although not 100% certain we hadn’t missed it) – anyway, suffice to say 50 minutes later we arrived at the correct terminal and managed to board, albeit among the last passengers and completely drenched in sweat from stress and exertion.

The cruise ship can take 2300 people. “Our” waitress, Camille, tells us that they consider this an “empty ship” as it only has 1900 passengers this time – this empty ship syndrome was borne out in a pathetic karaoke night last night in one of the bars, it was just two crew members taking turns at the mic watched by a group of five attractive young women perhaps trying to decide whether to brave a rendition of “Billy Don’t be a Hero” or to go and play a game of Balderdash in the cards room. Tonight however, the 70’s party (in a completely different bar) seems to have got off to a good start, aided by crew members dressed as the Village People.

Copenhagen was rainy but charming, especially its lovely old harbor and the story-book attraction park, Tivoli. My favourite Tivoli attraction (other than the open sandwhiches we had for lunch) was the store with 100’s of wooden cut outs you can take a photo of yourself sticking your head through – so that you look like you’re a cartoon super hero, or Miss world, or a princess.

Speaking of princesses: no sightings of Fredrick and Mary to report but we did get told off by a guard at Amaliaborg for leaning against the palace wall to keep out of the rain.

And while we’re on getting told off, we also accidently fare-evaded and got caught (my credit card had been declined but we couldn’t read the receipt properly and so just figured it was the ticket). The inspector escorted us to the ticket machine to correct our over-sight and kindly taught us the Danish for “Approved” to look for on our next visit.

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