Thoughts for other travelers, Norway (Oslo and Bergen)

If you have access to a kitchen we found salmon was cheap, also for picnics smoked salmon was the same price or cheaper than sliced meats or cheeses. Pretty much all meat is expensive. Locals buy single-use BBQs and use them in the parks – try Vigeland park in Oslo for a shot of culture at the same time. Also for self-caterers: the Freia chocolate blocks in the yellow packaging is very good.
In Oslo affordable options are Anker youth hostel and Residence Kristinelund. Anker has double rooms with an ensuite and a small kitchen which is handy, Kristinelund is a slightly disorganized place but the girls who work there are lovely and the price includes a simple breakfast and bed linen; showers and toilets are in the hall.
In Bergen we stayed in the HI hostel, Montana – it’s halfway up a mountain though so you need to take bus 31. The 20 bed mixed gender dorm is the cheapest option and the hostel has great facilities and plenty of common spaces to read a book or check your email. The breakfast is very good by hostel standards.
Don’t miss:
*the train from Bergen to Oslo and/or vice versa;
*a trip through a Fjord we went on the White Lady four hour boat trip which leaves from Bergen – absolutely unforgettable, even if you don’t have your camera with you!
*the view from Mr Ulriken (there’s a funicular if you’re not up for the climb).
*The Bergen Kunstmuseum is a nice way to spend a couple of hours, especially if it’s raining (it seems it rains in Bergen rather a lot).
*Oslo Fjord is also beautiful. A budget way to see some of the Oslo Fjord is to take ferry 93 which travels between a few of the islands, a 24 hour ticket for public transport costs 70 Kr (about 10 euro) and includes the ferries (as well as buses and metros).

We found the “Bergen Card” good value. The Oslo card is a little less attractive as so many of the museums in Oslo are free.



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