Aswan, Egypt

By Christy Collins

May 14, 2010

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I’ve been sick for a couple of days now so only braved the heat for the excursions, but today, feeling a little better, I’m writing this from a deck chair watching Egypt flow by.

Some thoughts on Nile cruises: I wasn‘t sure if I was a cruise type of person but, other than that you feel rather spoilt, it’s an excellent way to see Egypt. The key advantage is that the travelling time is relaxing time, rather than the “dead” time it might have been if we were travelling by other transport modes. Also, being sick, I appreciated that I could just lie in bed without missing the bus so to speak and although I missed some of the action, and it would have been more fun  to be in the swimming pool, you can stay in your room if necessary without the discomfort of having to “travel” while ill.

Another advantage is the nostalgia aspect: the ship has a marble staircase, and guy who seems to spend all day polishing the brass banisters – all very Titanic, in the best possible way.

An unexpected and kind of bizarre bonus: every day the house-keeping staff form our towels in to wacky shapes – so far we’ve had swans, a key of life, a crocodile and even a monkey hanging in our doorway (which gave me a bit of fright when I first walked in to the room).  If nothing else, these provide talking points at dinner, where we have fixed meal companions: Valerie, Joanne, Robert, Bridget, Rachel and Peter – all are fun company and several have rather more cruise experience and a slew of cruise anecdotes from a variety of exotic locations. Valerie assures me that the towel animals are de rigueur on cruise ships. I am taking her word for it.

Some handy notes from the perfume salespeople in Aswan:

Bergamot oil can be formed into a paste which is an excellent treatment for “the falling hair”.

They also sell a perfume, demurely titled “Desert Secrets” which, if applied in the correct places (use your imagination) will make men into “a crazy horse on your bed”: I am not sure if this is a warning or a promise.


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