Morocco: some thoughts for other travellers

Don’t miss: The Sahara, the dromodary ride and if possible the night in the tents – an absolute highlight.

My favourite city: Fez, hands down – a real treasure.

We found the bus trip a good way to travel but the pace can be fairly intense given the heat and, generally there’s no possibility of skipping days – or spending a little longer somewhere that interests you – because you need to be on the bus to get to the next hotel. Also, I’m not a shopper but if you are, it’s difficult in a group trip to have the time to haggle with sellers etc – if you want to shop, book a few extra days in Marrakech or Fez.

When booking hotels don’t underestimate the value of a pool – you might well appreciate a dip after a day of sight seeing.

In the Atlas mountains: if you get motion sickness, you can expect to get it here. I am yet to test this but we heard later from someone that to prevent travel sickness you can put a cotton bud in your ear (left ear if you’re right handed; right ear if you’re left handed). This seems very weird but if it works, who’s going to argue?

There are a couple of mosques in the country that you’re allowed to enter as a non- Muslim. We went in Meknes and I highly recommend it – try to avoid the tour groups if you can or if you’re part of one, as we were, linger a few minutes after others have left.


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